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29. May 2009

Finely strung centre for music in Graz

MUMUTH lets architecture ring out

Mozart, Haydn, Mahler, Strauß, Lehár or Franz von Suppé: Austria has music in its blood. The history of this country is steeped in an unparalleled musical richness. With his Magic Flute, Mozart created the first German grand opera, Strauss immortalised the Viennese waltz, and Haydn delighted the world with his famous oratorios. Countless sonatas, symphonies, string quartets and concertos of the most illustrious composers originated here. Ludwig van Beethoven also moved early in his life to Vienna and set standards with his works, whose influence on musical tradition remains unsurpassed to this day. But even far away from the Vienna Opera Ball, the Philharmonic and the charm of waltzes, Austria is characterised by its outstanding appreciation of harmony and musical art. Stately structures from all eras underline the reputation of this Alpine country as a treasure trove of architectural delights. With the Centre for Music and Music Theatre (MUMUTH) in Graz, a new jewel now testifies to this remarkable spiritual kinship of music and architecture.

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